With over 20-years in real estate and facilities, we have a complete understanding of how buildings are designed, built and operated. Our deep expertise coupled with our knowledge of management practices, new technologies, energy management, and sustainability enables us to provide innovative solutions that maximize performance.  We are especially adept at powering immediate results, while being a leading and trusted adviser for the future.

Our integrated approach combines expert, multi-disciplinary professionals; open, inter-operable building technologies; and best-in-class global industry partners who all share our mission to make buildings perform better. Our proven Building Performance Platform yields buildings that cost less, are of higher quality and provide better environments for people.

To create, optimize, and maintain high performing buildings, we offer professional consulting and managed services in four key practice areas: Smart Building Technologies, Energy, Sustainability, and Integrated Buildings. With a strong foundation in the design, construction and operation of buildings, we deliver unbiased and skilled attention to produce exceptional outcomes. Regardless of the engagement size or scope of work, our experienced and innovative team provides smart, consistent and measurable results.